We won the best award in the whole world!

8:30 pm after a long tiring day at an event where my team and I created history for a client (Lokmat).

Me: Hi Abhu! How was your day?

Abhu: Hi Mumma! My day was super awesome! Dada ji took me down for an ice cream and I finished my homework too. How was your day?

M: My day was amazing too. Guess what Abhu? We succeeded in making the client trend on Twitter.

A: Wow! Really? That’s awesome! What exactly did you do?

M: We made their hashtag trend on Twitter. It was announced in front of the CM of Maharashtra, Shri. Devendra Fadnavis. The highlight of the event was when he congratulated the client in front of 300 corporate personnel. Whats more? His office re-tweeted the client’s tweets as well.

A: Oh my God!

M: Yes, but I missed you at the event. Let’s celebrate when I come home. ok?

A: Yes done!

We had one more big project coming up the next day. So my husband and I waited back for a while. Didn’t realize that it was almost mid-night. We were four hours late!

The phone rang. My husband answered it.

Angry Abhu: What is this Papa? Why are you and Mumma not home as yet?

Amarkant: I am sorry Abhu, we are leaving now.

A: (long string of frustrated complaints, wails, shouts)

I took the phone from Amarkant and assured him that we will be there in no time. My boy is usually very understanding and patient. A myriad thoughts went through my mind while I searched the reason for his sudden tantrum.

Nevertheless, we drove at top speed and came home to this:

Internet Championship Award

Amarkant and I were simply elated! At first, we didn’t know how to react. We just kept smiling and exchanging happy glances. We hugged him out of pure joy. This little fellow had some more things up his sleeve. He had actually planned how he wanted to award this to us. Just like the WWE championship, he made us line up, then took my hand and raised in in the air announcing me as an Internet Champion.

After that I had to pose as per his instructions. Check this…

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After this, he did the same announcement with his father. A shy Amarkant posed with the the belt while Abhu and I clapped loudly and cheered.

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It was 2 am in the morning. And we hadn’t slept for more than 20 hours now. However, we felt relaxed, happy and blessed. We cuddled our son to sleep. To have a child as a partner and best friend is the most blessed feeling in the world.

Abhimanyu Jain
This was the happiest moment for me.


– Penned by Mayura Amarkant  


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  1. Hey Mayura, your soon is tots adorable! What a fantastic gift he’s made you….one to treasure forever! Little joys that make lasting memories! Stay blessed you three!


  2. Mayura, I always adore your clicks- they are so original and yet lovely. Congrats on the achievement. You deserve it 🙂


  3. Mayura this goes to show you are not only a successful entrepreneur but also one of the most wonderful parent I’ve ever known.
    Abhu is definitely growing up to be an excellent son and a doting brother.
    BTW the belt is super super creative!
    Please do tell him I’m super proud of him


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